Debora Dionicius defeats Gabriela Bouvier (VIDEO)

Video coverage of Debora Dionicius, 12-0 (4kos) defending her IBF Super Flyweight title against Gabriela Bouvier, (9-4-1 (2kos). The fight was held in Argentina

Irma Garcia vs. Janeth Perez

Tonight is the rematch (revancha!!) between Janeth Perez and Irma Garcia. You can watch their first fight below.


Rose Namajunas subs Kathina Catron with FLYING ARMBAR

Submission of the year...

Submission of the year…

This takes only 12 seconds…Definitely the submission of the year thus far.


Felice Herrig defeats Heather Clark

Felice "Lil Bulldog" Herrig & "Hurricane" Heather Clark go nose to nose at the weigh-in

Felice “Lil Bulldog” Herrig & “Hurricane” Heather Clark go nose to nose at the weigh-in

I goofed here and missed this fight. I thought they were going to show it on the main card on Spike TV. Instead, that show  started with Awad vs Rickels. I waited and waited and they didn’t show the Herrig fight.

You can check out the full fight here:

As you can see in the video, Clark took down Herrig in the opening round and kept the Lil Bulldog on her back for the full five minutes. She briefly held a guillotine but did most of her damage with short shots to Herrig’s rib cage. In round two, Clark inexplicably changed strategies and did not go for the take down again. A lot of it may have had to do with some nice front kicks from Herrig that staved her off. “Hurricane” did manage to momentarily buzz Herrig about four minutes in but Herrig camouflaged it well. Herrig managed to take down Clark at the end of the round which sealed the stanza in her favor. In round three, Clark landed a pair of nice kicks which shook Herrig. Herrig, realizing the fight was in the balance, took down Clark and eventually got in a one arm rear naked choke. Clark held onto Herrig’s left arm like mad, she gave the thumbs up to the referee but seemed in peril of being subbed. Herrig finally gave up near the end of the round but Clark remained on the defensive throughout. Herrig won the round and the fight, by holding Clark in the rear naked choke for that substantial amount of time.

At the end of the fight,Herrig screamed “whooooo!” in Clark’s face and Clark backhanded her. Herrig charged forward and missed a retaliation punch before the referee intervened. There was no love lost between these two, no congratulations afterward although Clark did applaud politely when the judges ruled in Herrig’s favor by a split nod.

Rematch? The decision was split but it was clear at fight’s end that Herrig was superior. Clark was very game, however, and I hope she gets another shot in Bellator.

Jessica Eye subs Zoila Frausto

With a standing triangle choke, Frausto succumbs to Eye.

Carla Weiss UD6 Marta Juncos

The previously mentioned Carla Weiss did win her fight last night but did not look good in doing so. She is painfully slow and deliberate. Her opponent has suffered over eight losses and she struggles.

Speed and talent trumps hard work and effort. Weiss has the latter but needs the former. Hopefully she gets out of the fight game before someone smashes her pretty face.

Her bout can be seen below.

Carolina Duer W10 Marisa Portillo

Duer took a unanimous decision over Portillo over ten rounds. The full fight can be viewed here:

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