Amber Stautzenberger defeats Glena Avila

Amber Stautzenberger

Amber Stautzenberger

Amber “The Apex Predator” Stautzenberger took a tight decision victory at Dakota Fighting Championships 15 over Glena “Heartless” Avila.

A see saw battle ensued, both women had their submission attempts thwarted by the other. Avila rallied late in rounds one and two but Stautzenberger controlled both rounds for the most part. In the third, Stautzenberger took command and left no doubt as to who the victor would be.

Stautzenberger (3-1-0) and Avila (2-2-0) started striking right away and clinched against the cage. They battled for position and Stautzenberger landed short knees. She took Avila down and punched with her left hand, but Avila was active from her back and hunted for an armbar. Stautzenberger kept Avila pinned down and landed more punches, but Avila scrambled up to her feet and scored a slam takedown. She moved to a top-side crucifix and punched until the end of the close round.

The second round began with another exchange of punches and Avila tried for a takedown against the cage. She picked Stautzenberger up again and tried to slam her a second time, but Stautzenberger countered with a guillotine choke. She switched to an armbar and a scramble followed. Stautzenberger wound up on top and she landed hammerfists from side control. She lost the position while working for a submission and the round ended with Avila landing knees in the clinch.

Stautzenberger rallied with punches and mixed in leg kicks in the final round. Avila backed her up to the cage and Stautzenberger countered with a harai goshi throw into side control. She landed punches and transitioned to a high back mount and looked for the armbar opening. She pulled back on Avila’s right arm, but Avila escaped and the fight returned to the feet. Stautzenberger dropped down with another armbar attempt from the clinch and Avila defended until the end of the fight.

All three cageside judges favoured Stautzenberger’s positional control and strikes on the ground and she took home her third straight win, but Avila once again put on a solid showing inside the Dakota FC cage. She previously fought to a razor-thin and somewhat controversial Split Decision loss to Emily Kagan at Dakota FC 13 in October.

Glena "Heartless" Avila

Glena “Heartless” Avila

Stephanie Eggink defeats Brianna Van Buren

Snowflake! Stephanie Eggink wins two in a row

Snowflake! Stephanie Eggink wins two in a row

In a see saw battle at XFC 23, Stephanie “Snowflake” Eggink earned a decision over Brianna “Tha Bull” Van Buren.

Brianna Van Buren stepped in for Angela Magana who pulled out because of injury. Van Buren started fast in each round but Eggink’s class took over and she assumed control.

Eggink (3-1-0) looked for the sub from her back after VanBuren (1-1-0) took the fight to the mat in the first round. She got in position for an arm bar and VanBuren used a slam to power out. VanBuren stood and kicked at Eggink’s legs until Eggink got back to her feet. Eggink tried to take VanBuren’s back in the clinch against the cage, but VanBuren prevented her from doing so and landed punches to the body. VanBuren scored with a knee and defended against a guillotine choke late in the round.

VanBuren opened the action in round two with a leg kick and a left cross and she quickly closed the distance to clinch again. Eggink countered with a knee and the fighters battled for position until referee Gary Copeland separated them. Eggink landed a combination and countered a takedown with a triangle choke. She switched to a triangle armbar and back to a triangle choke, but VanBuren held on and escaped just before the bell.

With the fight seemingly even after ten minutes, VanBuren landed kick-punch combos in the final round and Eggink responded with a quick flurry. VanBuren scored a takedown and moved from half-guard to mount, but Eggink hooked her legs around VanBuren’s arms and escaped out the back. VanBuren attempted an armbar and upkicked from her back. The fight returned to the feet and Eggink secured a takedown into back control. She spent the remainder of the round working for rear-naked chokes and landing punches as time ticked down.

After three competitive rounds, Eggink was awarded the decision victory and she will likely move on to compete for the XFC 115-pound title that was initially set to be up for grabs tonight. Eggink reportedly fought through the flu in order to achieve her win over the 19-year-old VanBuren, who put on an excellent showing in defeat.

Cat Zingano defeats Miesha Tate

Cat Zingano goes head on with Miesha Tate

Cat Zingano goes head on with Miesha Tate

Cat Zingano overcame any pre-fight self-doubts to come from behind and halt Miesha Tate in round three of an epic encounter.
Miesha started fast and wanted to get in Zingano’s head early on. Tate owned the action during stand-up and the ground. Zingano, however, adjusted well in the second and began to find her range. Zingano stopped a Tate takedown in the third round and landed three crushing knees to Tate’s head. Tate reeled against the cage and an elbow toppled her to the mat forcing the referee to call a halt.

This victory thrusts Zingano to the forefront of women’s mma and a head on collision with Ronda Rousey. The two will be the opposing coaches on the Ultimate Fighter 18 and the two will presumably meet in the finale.

Joanne Calderwood defeats Sally Krumdiack

Joanne Calderwood

Joanne Calderwood

Scotland’s Joanne Calderwood delighted her hometown crowd as she demolished trial horse “Slick” Sally Krumdiack with strikes in the opening stanza.

Calderwood opened the fight with some sharp kicks. Krumdiack hung tough until she was nailed by a Calderwood uppercut. Calderwood then pounced all over the brave Krumdiack until the referee mercifully stepped in. 

Calderwood pressed the action with kicks, but Krumdiack was game and she landed some nice counter combinations. A Calderwood uppercut spelled the beginning of the end for Krumdiack, however, and Calderwood swarmed with more punches until the action-packed bout was stopped.

Paige Van Zant defeats Courtney Himes

Bullets fly when "12 Gauge" is in the cage.

Bullets fly when “12 Gauge” is in the cage.

Paige Van Zant defeated Courtney Himes via submission in the first round during Bush Cree Promotions “Cage Wars 15”.  

Van Zant raised her record to 3-1 against the debuting Himes. Van Zant was too good for her inexperienced opponent and locked in a rear naked coke at 2:22 of the first round. Van Zant seems to be making a habit of taking fights on short notice against hometown opposition and taking them down. I expressed concern earlier on this blog as I thought that Van Zant was taking a risk by moving up in weight (124 lbs) and taking on an unknown commodity. Good to see her back to her winning form after the one-sided loss to Tecia Torres in her last fight.  

Irma Garcia once again defeats Janeth Perez

Irma Garcia and Janeth Perez swap spit once again

Irma Garcia and Janeth Perez swap spit once again

Irma Garcia once again defeats Janeth Perez for the WBA bantamweight title which took place at  Unidad Deportiva El Chamizal in Zamora, Michoacán de Ocampo,  Mexico.

Their first fight was close and controversial…This fight even moreso as Garcia only manages a split decision in this go around. The judges voted 96-94 (twice) for  Garcia and 97-93 for Perez which was televised for Fox Deprtes.
The two picked up where they left off three years ago. Garcia was the Matador while Perez was the Bull. Perez picked up steam in the later rounds. Garcia found herself trapped by Perez and her lack of power proved to be a substantial weakness in trying to stave off the onrushing Perez. 
Garcia flopped to the canvas in the ninth and tenth rounds but she was pushed.
Garcia could barely make it up after the second shove as it appears she twisted her ankle. Time was called on two occasions (never seen that before) as Garcia was given ample opportunity to recover from the injury.
Perez fought like a woman on fire to seal the deal but to no avail.  At fight’s end, she reacted as if she had won the bout and regained her title.
Garcia played indifferent to the announced and focused her attention on her ankle. When the decision was announced, Perez didn’t cry this time. Both fighters applauded in appreciation of their mutual effort.
Garcia bounces to 11-0-1 with 5 kos, and makes her first successful defense. Perez, on the other hand, goes to 17-2-2 with 4 kos. Trilogy anyone? Both of these fighters are light hitting banties so we’ll get the same result for a long time. This was a matter of the judges’ taste favorite Garcia on two occasions. Both of the bouts could easily go the other way.

Sarah Kaufman split decisions Leslie Smith

Sarah Kaufman and Leslie Smith size each other up at their weigh-in...

Sarah Kaufman and Leslie Smith size each other up at their weigh-in…

Sarah Kaufman is on her weight to the UFC women’s bantamweight division but decided to take a fight with Leslie Smith in the interim. After the barnburner these two put on, the UFC should take a long look at Leslie Smith and consider her for entry into their stable as well.

Kaufman and Smith waged a see-saw battle for 15 minutes. Kaufman emerged victorious with a split verdict.  

Kaufman, a seasoned striker, got the edge by outpointing Smith in the standup. Smith, however, was able to use her length with kicks and outmuscling Kaufman in while they clinched in close..

Kaufman won round one with superior boxing. Smith took control in round two as she slammed Kaufman with a kick to the head. In round three, Kaufman showed her resolve as she recouped and used a superior boxing game and a takedown of Smith to seal the victory and the fight.

“I knew that Leslie was going to be a really tough opponent going on,” said Kaufman (16-2), “She’s not the most technical, but what she does, she’s really good at. So I knew going in that based on her record, that didn’t mean anything. She came in and gave a great performance.”

Smith goes to 5-3-1, a deceiving record to say the least.

Michelle Waterson defeats Jessica Penne

Michelle Waterson : Awesome Armbar Offense and DEFENSE

Michelle Waterson : Awesome Armbar Offense and DEFENSE

A great technical match with a sudden and dramatic ending. Michelle Waterson tested the legs of Jessica Penne early with some well placed side kicks. Penne eventually tied up Waterson and controlled her against the cage for a spell. The fight turned to the ground with Penne on the mat. Penne briefly had an armbar from the bottom position but Waterson escaped. Penne then took top position and Waterson become just as aggressive as Penne was in looking for the sub in the bottom position. The Karate Hottie tries an armbar than soon transitions into an oma plata. Penne is unfazed, however, and continues to get in her strikes at prone Waterson. I gave the first round to Penne but it was close.

Second round we see some nice lateral movement from Waterson. The Karate Hottie is smart enough not to be drawn into the striking strengths of Jessica Penne. The two engage along the cage and Waterson takes Penne down. Penne transitions between a rubber and half guard defense. Waterson simply has more energy this round as the two stand up and she once again takes Penne down. She adds insult to injury by landing a stiff jab as Penne arises from a kneeling position.

The third round, however, is all Penne. Her superior size and strength appear to become evident as she bullies Waterson to the mat. She begins a ground and pound assault but Waterson weathers the storm. Waterson gives Penne her back at one point and Penne rains down punches and elbows. Waterson responds back with a backfist from the floor. Penne goes for the armbar and Waterson is in deep, deep trouble. The hold is cinched in and Waterson’s arm appears to be hyperextended. Amazingly, the Karate Hottie is able to twist out of it. The fans and Penne are stunned…How did she get out of that??!!

The fourth round starts and Penne once again resumes command. She takes down Waterson but Waterson reverses and captures Penne in an armbar. Penne submits quickly and it is over. A tremendous win for Michelle Waterson…No longer just a pretty face she is the Atomweight champion.

This bout ranks as one of the best female bouts I’ve seen.

Cyborg Santos stops Fiona Muxlow

This was brutal. Fiona Muxlow was hurt by the first punch by Cyborg Santos and it only got worse from there. Announcer Mauro Renallo aptly described Santos’ aggression as her pent up rage for being suspended for performance enhancing drug use. Muxlow was the sacrificial lamb given to the lioness.

Santos was, in a word, a buzzsaw. She pounded mercilessly on Muxlow’s face but Fiona held strong…she never stopped trying and went in for the shoot a few times only to be met with a sprawl or a knee. The only drama here was if Muxlow could survive the opening stanza. She was clueless on how to defend Santos’ strikes and feebly extended her arms. Santos moved in close at fights end, delivered some brutal knees and strikes and referee John McCarthy mercifully intervened. A mismatch.

Rose Namajunas subs Kathina Catron with FLYING ARMBAR

Submission of the year...

Submission of the year…

This takes only 12 seconds…Definitely the submission of the year thus far.


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