Delfine Persoon defeats Kremena Petkova


ImageThe very busy Persoon stopped Kremena Petkova in the second round of their scheduled ten rounder in Belgium. I can’t find any media reports on the specifics of this bout but this is Persoon’s third fight this year. Her record goes to 24-1 with 10 knockouts.

Jennifer Salinas defeats DJ Morrison


“Bolivian Queen” Jennifer Salinas took a six-round unanimous decision over a feisty DJ “So Fly” Morrison of Denver, CO.   Salinas worked the body as she weaved her way inside to sweep all six rounds on all three judge’s scorecards. Salinas tally is now at 14-3 with 4 knockouts while perennial loser Morrison is 3-17, two KO’s.

Felice Herrig…has the greatest ass


Felice Herrig defeats Heather Clark

Felice "Lil Bulldog" Herrig & "Hurricane" Heather Clark go nose to nose at the weigh-in

Felice “Lil Bulldog” Herrig & “Hurricane” Heather Clark go nose to nose at the weigh-in

I goofed here and missed this fight. I thought they were going to show it on the main card on Spike TV. Instead, that show  started with Awad vs Rickels. I waited and waited and they didn’t show the Herrig fight.

You can check out the full fight here:

As you can see in the video, Clark took down Herrig in the opening round and kept the Lil Bulldog on her back for the full five minutes. She briefly held a guillotine but did most of her damage with short shots to Herrig’s rib cage. In round two, Clark inexplicably changed strategies and did not go for the take down again. A lot of it may have had to do with some nice front kicks from Herrig that staved her off. “Hurricane” did manage to momentarily buzz Herrig about four minutes in but Herrig camouflaged it well. Herrig managed to take down Clark at the end of the round which sealed the stanza in her favor. In round three, Clark landed a pair of nice kicks which shook Herrig. Herrig, realizing the fight was in the balance, took down Clark and eventually got in a one arm rear naked choke. Clark held onto Herrig’s left arm like mad, she gave the thumbs up to the referee but seemed in peril of being subbed. Herrig finally gave up near the end of the round but Clark remained on the defensive throughout. Herrig won the round and the fight, by holding Clark in the rear naked choke for that substantial amount of time.

At the end of the fight,Herrig screamed “whooooo!” in Clark’s face and Clark backhanded her. Herrig charged forward and missed a retaliation punch before the referee intervened. There was no love lost between these two, no congratulations afterward although Clark did applaud politely when the judges ruled in Herrig’s favor by a split nod.

Rematch? The decision was split but it was clear at fight’s end that Herrig was superior. Clark was very game, however, and I hope she gets another shot in Bellator.

Cat Zingano focused on Miesha Tate

Cat Zingano Has Her Eye on the Prize, but Her Focus is Straight on Miesha Tate 

Cat Zingano may be the sleeper of the bunch when it comes to the arrival of the women's bantamweight division to the UFC, but don't expect that to last for long.

Without many big stages for women to display their skills prior to the UFC starting up the 135-pound class built around current champion Ronda Rousey, Zingano has flown under the radar of all but the most ardent fans.

UFC matchmakers Joe Silva and Sean Shelby, however, know exactly who Cat Zingano is, and that's why she is squaring off with former Strikeforce champion Miesha Tate for her first fight in the Octagon. Not only that, but the two have an Ultimate Fighter coaching slot opposite Rousey and a title shot up for grabs for the winner.

Rousey, as well, knows full well who Cat Zingano is. In fact, she's had her eye on Zingano for quite some time, and is actually looking forward to her arrival, although she may quietly pose one of the greatest threats to Rousey's title reign.

She's one of the only other undefeated 135ers at the moment, Rousey told Inside MMA. I think it would be nice to have Cat win just to have another name that's kind of well known among the girls ranks.

Zingano (7-0), however, isn't star struck by the accolades or her arrival. She may not have fought in the white-hot lights of the UFC yet in her career, but she knows what it takes to be successful, and she knows what is on the line. She isn't going to deviate from what go her here.

I just really want to implement my style and my skill (against Tate), Zingano recently told AXS TV's Inside MMA crew. This is a good fight for both of us. It should be high risk, high reward for both of us.

I have my eye on prize, which is that world title. Miesha is the task at hand and that's what I'm focusing on, Zingano continued. I'm looking straight at her. I'm not looking past it.

(I'm gonna) go in there and leave everything I have in that cage, and you can guarantee that.

Many UFC fans may not yet know who Cat Zingano is, but rest assured, they will soon enough when she goes toe-to-toe with Miesha Tate on April 13 at The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale in Las Vegas.

Felice “Lil Bulldog” Herrig vs. “Hurricane” Heather Clark Preview

That's hot.

That’s hot.

A lot of bad blood between these two and that is what makes the match-up so intriguing. Their styles should mesh well…Both are well versed in muay thai and look to strike before going to the ground. I am expecting some heavy exchanges throughout this fight.


AGE & PHYSICAL EQUPMENT: Herrig is a sparkplug at 5’4”. She has a reach of 64 inches. The Lil Bulldog is 28 years old. “Hurricane” Heather Clark is 5’6” with a reach of 66 inches. She is 32 years old. Herrig has had 12 professional fights while Clark has had 8. The wear and tear here seems about even. Herrig, however, seems to be peaking while Clark has not lived up to her early promise. EDGE: HERRIG


SPEED: Neither fighter is a speed demon (if you want to see fast, watch Tecia Torres). What I’m analyzing then is the fighter’s ability to think…who has the faster mind? Clark was overly deliberate in her last match with Stephanie Eggink. You can see the wheels turning in her head. Herrig, on the other hand, has experienced tougher opposition and is learning the game fast. She has improved with every outing, her ability to transition on the ground is impressive and wasn’t part of her repertoire early in her career. When these two are in a lock-up I see Herrig making faster choices and getting the jump on Clark. EDGE: HERRIG


TECHNIQUE: Both fighters are advertised as strikers first although Herrig is evolving into something more. Clark stays in her muay thai style and has looked impressive against lesser opposition. Herrig, on the other hand, has improved her ground game dramatically since her loss to Carla Esparza exposed her weakness her. She has progressed so much that her ground game is arguably the best part of her technique. EDGE: HERRIG


STRENGTH: I would give Clark an edge in punching power. Her right cross can knockout just about anyone in the division although I haven’t see Herrig shaken yet. Herrig looks to have a good chin and a sneaky counter left hook in her own right. Herrig, however, does not possess the power that Clark does. Physical strength? Really hard to gauge this but I may just give the slight edge to Clark. I have seen Herrig bullied to the cage by smaller foes (Esparza, Vidonic). Invariably, she turns the tide but it is more through technique than physical strength. EDGE: CLARK


INTANGIBLES: Clark is coming off a disappointing loss and venturing into fighting for a new promotion. Herrig has been there done that on the Bellator big stage (relatively speaking). The Lil Bulldog is called just that for a reason, she trains and fights with a dogged determination. Herrig is becoming the face of female MMA outside of Ronda Rousey and I don’t think she’ll give up that mantle without the fiercest of struggle. EDGE: HERRIG


CONCLUSION: I’m giving Clark a puncher’s chance. If she can hit and hurt Herrig early she may be able to fend off the subsequent take downs & ground assaults. The safe bet, however, is Herrig doing the ground and pound throughout. The fight will fall into a pattern of Herrig taking Clark down, the Lil Bulldog will attack throughout and Clark will be unable to put a muzzle on her. HERRIG BY DECISION

Bec Hyatt vs. Jasminka Cives

"V" is victory for Bec Hyatt

“V” is victory for Bec Hyatt

April 5th’s Invicta 5 card will have an intriguing bout between the determined Aussie Hyatt and Jasminka “Impressive” Cives. It is unknown whether or not this bout will be part of the main card or the preliminary show.

Hyatt has become a rising star in the game after her performance against Carla Esparza. Based on that showing she has become something close to a rock star in her native Australia. Cive is undefeated but her opposition looks to be suspect in MMA. She did, however, have a successful K-1 & Muay Thai career while amassing a 17-6-1 record.

Already a war of words has taken place between the two  as Cive’s fiancee accused Hyatt of PED use while stating she has zero talent (if anyone would know, he would.)  Hyatt’s came back and said that she was “going to make Cive wish she was fighting gypsies in homemade cages back in Australia.”

The public stage is waiting for the winner. If Hyatt wins, she increases her social standing in the fight community while if Cive wins she becomes a viable opponent in an increasing pool of talent in the straweight division.


Melissa McMorrow vs. Nadia Raoui

Melissa McMorrow

Melissa McMorrow

By Ryan Maquiñana

Melissa McMorrow will make the second defense of her WBO flyweight title this Saturday in Magdeburg, Germany, against Nadia Raoui, on the EPIX-televised Arthur Abraham-Robert Stieglitz undercard.

Though McMorrow (8-3-3, 1 KO) will be invading Raoui’s hometurf, the 31-year-old San Francisco resident is far from intimidated, having traveled to Germany and defeated Susi Kentikian for the belt in the first place.

In fact, McMorrow released this statement after a camp that included sparring with 2012 Olympic bronze medalist Marlen Esparza: “I have been training hard for this fight and have had great sparring with experienced fighters in my area. My strength has improved a lot and I have been working on two major punch combinations; the first called the ‘Tyson’ and the second called the ‘Marquez’. Please use your imagination on what these might be and tune into the fight.”

McMorrow, one of an astounding three world flyweight titlists based in Northern California (Ava Knight and Carina Moreno being the other rightful holders), will be faced with the task of using her signature pressure to slow the mobile Raoui (15-1-1, 3 KOs) down.

Eddie Croft, a former three-time world title challenger who once traded leather with Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, and Tom Johnson, trains McMorrow out of the B Street Boxing Gym in San Mateo, Calif. The cornerman and her fighter spoke to from their hotel in Germany via phone. This is your second trip to Germany. What did you learn from your first voyage overseas as far as do’s and don’ts?

Melissa McMorrow: It’s been good, because I signed with a promoter here, SES-Boxing, so everything’s been comfortable. But there has been a little more downtime than I would like. But it’s nice to be in town, and this is a big event here, with Abraham-Stieglitz. I think it’s already sold out.

Eddie Croft: This time, we’re actually going to be here two days longer than last time, so the last time last May, the first day we got our bearings together, the second day was the press conference, the third day was the public workout, day four was the weigh-in, and day five was the fight. This time we got there Sunday morning, nothing. There was a press conference, nothing. We worked out in a gym yesterday. Today there’s nothing. But it’s 29 degrees out there, so we’re just here holed up in the hotel. We’ve just had a couple more dead days. Give us an idea of how camp went.

Melissa McMorrow: Camp was great. We got good sparring from Marlen Esparza and people from our own gym. I’ve developed my power, and my strength and conditioning have really improve, so I’m looking to knock Nadia out.

Eddie Croft: It was great. We had a couple days to spar Marlen Esparza. She was a lot better than I expected, and it was excellent work. Usually I have to get guys to spar Melissa to get her up for it. Marlen made her focus, and it was good. She’s in great shape, and I haven’t been more confident heading into a fight. She’s also gained a lot of confidence since winning the title. Has Melissa changed at all since winning the title? The target is now plastered on her back, and she can’t just sneak up on unsuspecting opponents anymore.

Melissa McMorrow: I think when people watch me, watching what I’m doing is not the same as experiencing a fight with me in the ring. It’s exhausting to fight me. People recognize I pressure a lot, but I don’t think they’re prepared for how grueling that could be. I think they misrepresent what they need to do to counteract that. But I don’t think much has changed as far as who I am as a fighter.

Eddie Croft: We’ve always been a little overlooked, even in our area, and we still are somewhat. Here in Germany, Melissa is known for beating Kentikian, the number one girl here. She’s not underestimated at all here. Melissa’s really confident and she feels there’s nothing Nadia can do to beat here. How do you stop a mover like Raoui in her tracks?

Melissa McMorrow: I plan to go to the body and cut off the ring. Movers can only do it for so long, so I anticipate that the first couple rounds could be difficult. I’ll have to track her down and move in on her, but after that, she’ll slow down, and I’ll be able to get to her.

Eddie Croft: The gameplan has always been the same. Everyone’s always taller. She always has to go inside and work the body to wear her opponents down, but I think Melissa’s improved a lot. The punches are shorter. The combinations are coming more naturally. I have yet to see someone completely outbox her. People always try, but sooner or later, they’re going to have to go head-to-head in trench warfare.

This is sacrilegious, and I’m not saying she’s Julio Cesar Chavez, but they’re similar in a way where people say I’m going to outbox them, but other than Pernell Whitaker, everyone said that, and they couldn’t. So eventually, we’ll get there, whether it’s round one or round five, but by then, we’ll have the fight right where we want it. What do you hope to achieve on Saturday, other than the obvious objective of winning?

Melissa McMorrow: I always thought what women’s boxing needs is good fights, and if I do that, then everything else will follow. For me, my own personal goal for this fight is that Nadia has fought Susi Kentikian. Susi won it, but it was controversial. So for me, I need a clear win. I haven’t had the opportunity to get the rematch with Susi, but I need a clear win to show all the German fans that I’m a clear champion with no controversy.

Eddie Croft: I really hope Melissa gets a chance to be seen, especially in a fight like this. If things go the way like I think they will, it’ll showcase what Melissa can really do. We’re excited about being on an event of this stature.

Abraham-Stieglitz airs at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT and will be available on either or the Epix app on X-Box or Roku players as part of a free trial offer.
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Joanne Calderwood vs Sally Krumdiack

Joanne Calderwood, muay thai bad ass

Joanne Calderwood, muay thai bad ass

Joanne Calderwood returns to the cage for the Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 53 taking place April 13th in Glasgow, Scotland.

Calderwood has received notoriety for her last two showings in the Invicta  promotional arm. She destroyed Livia von Plettenberg at Invicta FC4 and smashed Ashley “Smashley” Cummins with a brutal knee shot.

Sally Krumdiack is a hot and cold fighter at 9-6 but is one of the more battle tested foes that Calderwood has faced. She has dropped her last two fights but has taken on such talents as Jessica Penne, Tara Larosa, and Rosi Sexton.

Krumdiack's before and after photos may look even worse than this after Calderwood is done with her.

Krumdiack’s before and after photos may look even worse than this after Calderwood is done with her.

Calderwood is 5-0 and is clearly the headliner here. She will have the hometown crowd in her favor has the card will take place in her native Scotland. A muay thai specialist, she will be heavily favored to stop Krumdiack.

Marina Shafir Hates Tate

According to a March 25 report from MMA Junkie, Ronda Rousey's training partner, Marina Shafir, moved to 3-0 with a victory over Danielle Mack (0-2) at”Tuff-N-Uff: Mayhem in Mesquite 2″ in Mesquite, Nev, just days after trash-talking Rousey's longtime rival, Miesha Tate. 

Shafir essentially said that fighters such as Tate have no leverage when it comes to calling out Rousey, and she's hoping”Cupcake” will think harder in the future before taking any verbal swipes at her.

“She's done a lot for the sport, but that's what Miesha Tate and all these girls are hating on her game. Like, you need to appreciate!” Shafir said of Rousey.”She may have only been doing MMA two or three years, but hard work has been put in since she was 11. Who are you? Who ARE you? You have no leverage. I'm sorry. Not in my eyes, you don't.”

The Rousey vs Tate”beef” dates all the way back to last year, as an epic back-and-forth war of words via Twitter helped build their 2012 Strikeforce fight. Rousey challenged Tate's boyfriend, UFC star Bryan Caraway, to a fight, and Tate fired back by telling everyone she could that she's sick of Rousey's big mouth.

Shafir's comments are the most recent addition to the Rousey vs Tate feud.

Shafir recently made the transition from New York to California, where she can focus on MMA training.

“It means the world to me. I was saying, the transition from Albany, New York, to here, one thing I really like is it's still very family-based. You've got family values still here,” Shafir said.”Everybody carries themselves here like they're family. The loyalty's there and that means a lot to me. Because that's what I was raised on. That's what I know. It means a lot to me. I can show them what I know is also in their game plan. That's why we get a long so well and are moving forward and going in the right direction.”

“I think it's good she has a little separate from me, her own jiu-jitsu place that she goes to and her own group of guys that are her friends,” Rousey said of Shafir.”You come into a new city and you don't really know one person, sometimes the only people you know are who they know. So she's really branching out and settling in in L.A. She's doing fantastic.”

Shafir didn't stop at bashing Tate, as she also called out Rousey's other longtime rival, Cris”Cyborg” Santos.

“Give me a year, and I would love to get my hands on her,” Shafir said of Santos.”I would love to. I would love to. I think about it all the time, and it butters me up. Training just gets that much easier, and I get that much more aggressive.” 

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