Ronda Rousey ready to get back in training

According to a Feb. 25 report from MMA Fighting, Ronda Rousey celebrated her UFC 157 victory over Liz Carmouche by eating buffalo wings in her hotel room.
Rousey, who made history by becoming the first female to enter the UFC’s world-famous Octagon, is ready to get back to training, and possibly do battle against the winner of the Apr. 13 fight between Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano.
“I’ve heard all this stuff about holes and games,” Rousey’s manager said following her fight against Carmouche. “I think as [Ronda] develops [herself] and stepping away from judo, you’re trying different things a little bit. It takes a little time to work it out. I don’t believe this was Ronda’s best performance, but I believe it was one of her toughest opponents to date. And even fighting not her best performance and fighting one of her toughest opponents to date, she still finished the girl off in the first round. So, watch out, girls, That’s all I have to say.”
Tate, who is possibly next in line for a shot at Rousey, wasn’t overly impressed by the star judoka’s performance at UFC 157.
“It was pretty much what I expected, but she did get a little sloppy there, giving her back up, which is a habit I have picked up on a little bit,” Tate said of Rousey’s first performance inside the world-famous Octagon. “I got her back in the first fight and I guarantee you if I get it in the second one, I’m going to rip her face off.”
Tate thinks if she had Rousey in the same position that Carmouche locked her in early in the UFC 157 tilt that she would have finished the star judoka.
“100 percent,” Tate said.
If the Tate vs Rousey fight goes down, it will likely be in late-summer. The fight is not yet official, but there’s one country it’s definitely not expected to be held in, and that would be Sweden.
The UFC determined that the Swedish MMA market is too new, so their audience may not be ready for women’s MMA just quite yet.
The fight between Tate and Zingano was slated for Sweden, but pulled because it was felt by Garry Cook, the UFC VP in charge of UK and European operations, that women’s MMA wasn’t suited to the Swedish audience.
Sweden is a new market and there is still some considerable opposition to the UFC among that infamously liberal nation’s press. Politically it is a very left-wing country and it was only in 2007 that a 1970 ban on professional boxing was lifted.
By late-summer, the Swedish MMA audience will have already seen, on television at least, a few women’s MMA fights in the UFC ranks, so perhaps they will warm up to it in time for Tate vs Rousey.

Alexis Davis wants Ronda Rousey

According to a Feb. 26 report from MMA Junkie, UFC star Alexis Davis feels she deserves the next shot at Ronda Rousey because she thinks she’s ranked higher than Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano.
“I was so disappointed that Dana was saying they might give the (Zingano vs. Tate) winner (a title shot),” Davis said following Rousey’s victory over Liz Carmouche. “I’m like, ‘What?’ I’m higher ranked than both these girls.’ Miesha already had her chance. I don’t know if that’s going to happen, but I’m hopeful that he reconsiders.”
Davis is ranked higher than Zingano on three different forums, so there’s no real argument there. Zingano is undefeated, but she hasn’t yet faced the upper echelon of competition in the women’s bantamweight ranks.
However, it’s not quite so clear-cut when it comes to Davis vs Tate. ranks Tate as the No. 4 bantamweight in the world, just one spot behind Davis.
Two other women’s ranking systems – Bleacher Report and Fight Matrix – give Tate the slight edge.
“Cupcake” is ranked as the No. 2 bantamweight in the world by Fight Matrix, while Davis is two behind in the No. 4 slot.
Bleacher Report also ranks Tate as the No. 2 female bantamweight, with Davis (No. 5) coming in behind both Sarah Kaufman and Sara McMann.
Tate and Davis have won 13 fights each, so it’s tough to say definitely who deserves to be ranked higher.
In all likelihood, Tate and Davis will both eventually square off against Rousey inside the UFC Octagon. It’s just a matter of who will get the nod first or second.
“That’s why I tweeted (UFC President) Dana White,” Davis said. “You have a wrestler with Tate. You just had a Marine fight her, and you’ve got a striker with Sarah Kaufman. I’m a [Brazilian jiu-jitsu] black belt. C’mon. Give me that chance.
“It’s killing me, too, because my last couple victories I won by rear-naked choke. I get to the back all the time. I wish I was there.”

Ronda Rousey – “Miesha Tate punches like a bitch!”

According to a Feb. 22 report from the New York Post, Ronda Rousey isn’t exactly impressed by Miesha Tate’s punching power.
‘She punches like a b***h,’ Rousey said of Tate. “I don’t really like her that much.”
Rousey is slated to fight Liz Carmouche on Feb. 23 in the main event of UFC 157 in Anaheim, Calif., but that hasn’t stopped her from smack-talking Tate every chance she gets.
‘I’d just like to take out her whole [expletive] crew,’ Rousey said of Tate and company on a ‘Mohr Stories’ podcast last month.
Later on the show, Rousey added another verbal pipe bomb aimed at Tate and her boyfriend, Bryan Caraway.
‘I’m not gonna put on a ski mask and go to Oregon or wherever their trailer is,’ Rousey said, apparently making an attempt at a “white trash” joke.
The feud between Rousey and Caraway dates back to 2012, when the star judoka consistently trash-talked Tate in the lead-up to their Strikeforce fight on Showtime.
Caraway fired back at Rousey on Twitter by saying ‘I’ll knock her teeth dwn [sic] her throat the [sic] break her arm.”
Caraway later apologized for his comments, and then went on to make a name for himself by winning back-to-back fights in the UFC to move into the top 20 in the world in the bantamweight division.
Tate makes it clear that she thinks people are getting sick of Rousey’s trash-talk.
“This is beyond stupid,” Tate said of Rousey’s comments about Caraway on Jay Mohr’s “Mohr Stories” podcast. “Ronda knows it will never happen, yet she keeps making digs and calling him out. [She hides] behind the fact that she’s a girl, which somehow makes her actions okay. To me it’s a pathetic cry for attention and I’m done feeding into her [expletive]. People are already getting sick of her trashy comments and loud mouth. Let her talk, let her show her true colors.”
Tate is set to fight Cat Zingano on Apr. 13 at the TUF 17 finale, and a win there would perhaps earn her a title shot against Rousey.

Cyborg Santos will not fight Ronda Rousey


Cyborg Santos will not be fighting Ronda Rousey anytime soon, if ever.

During a UFC on Fuel TV7 pre fight presser, Dana White said  “I’m telling you right now, she wants nothing to do with this fight with Ronda,”  he immediately continued. “This is the biggest show in the world.  We’re working with her to get her a deal or whatever.  When you send a letter from your lawyer and your doctor saying I will die if I try to make 135 (pounds), it’s just the goofiest thing. I’ve never seen anything like it in the fight business.

“Okay, so you don’t want to make 135, but you want to talk about fighting Ronda. First of all, you tested positive for steroids and got stripped of your title. And you’re trying to talk about how Ronda doesn’t want to fight you, but she’s the champion at 135. If Ronda goes and does the fight at 140 and does the fight at 140, it’s not even for a title. The fight just makes no sense.”

Santos fights at 145 lbs so the UFC tried to get her fights outside of the organization such as the new Invicta FC. Santos nixed the idea.

“So what happens is, so we’ll figure something out where Cyborg gets some fights. Ronda defends her title a few times. Then maybe Ronda moves up to whatever and fights… they want nothing to do with that, wants nothing to do with it.  It’s wacky beyond wackiness,” said White.

“There is no 145-pound women’s division. She’s under contract with us, so we’d get her some fights somewhere else.  We get her some fights.  Let’s play this 135-pound thing out and see what happens, see where this thing goes.  No.”

The women’s fighting in the UFC will center around the 135 pound weight class. Santos looks to be unwilling to drop another ten pounds.

 “This women’s thing is coming together.  When I talk to Joe (Silva) and Sean Shelby, we have 10 of the best 135-pounders in the world. We’re gonna do this division.  We’re going to see how this fight goes down or whatever,” stated White.

“Cyborg is pretty much irrelevant right now. She really is. She’s irrelevant.  Go out there and win some fights again, get your name back, stay clean, stay off some steroids and get your career back on track and then we’ll talk.  But for her to think that everybody should move around and jump through hoops for her is insane.”

Was there a big clamor for a Rousey-Cyborg bout? Cyborg’s name is tainted with a positive steroid test. She does not have any sex appeal. No one is losing sleep over this fight not happening.


Cat Zingano “We can all get a beer and be cool!!”

According to a Feb. 19 report from MMA Mania, newly-acquired UFC fighter Cat Zingano loves to kick back, relax and have a beer with her opponents after she’s done smashing them.
“I’m 30 years old and if I see a cool tree, I want to climb it. I’m a free spirit,” Zingano said. “Anything that looks fun, I want to make fun. Opponents are all opponents and at the end of the day, we can all get a beer and be cool. Staying in the best possible state mentally, physically and spiritually is the best possible thing we can do for ourselves as far as the career goes.”
Zingano, an undefeated bantamweight contender, fights Miesha Tate on Apr. 13 at the TUF 17 Finale, and a victory may propel her into title contention.
Zingano says she’s happy there are now official rankings to determine exactly where all the 135-pounders stand in the division.
“I don’t really do predictions, I just know I want to be a world champion and I’ll do whatever it takes to get myself from here to there,” Zingano said. “Right now, there’s so many different ranks, different opinions, but as far as having the true total brackets dedicated to 135-pound women in the UFC, it’ll be easier to know where everyone else stands. I think they’ll be able to set the standard to show where everyone is at and find where everyone stands. I’m glad for that clarity. That’s a good thing.”
The Zingano vs Tate fight was originally slated for Apr. 6 in Sweden, but the UFC determined that Swedish audiences perhaps weren’t ready to witness an all-female MMA fight.
Sweden is a relatively new MMA market, so the UFC pushed the Tate vs Zingano fight to Apr. 13 in the United States.

Miesha Tate vs. Cat Zingano not on Fuel TV

According to a Feb. 19 report from Cage Potato, the UFC fight between Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano was originally set for the UFC on Fuel TV: Mousasi vs Gustafsson card in Sweden, but it was switched to the TUF 17 finale in the United States because Swedish MMA fans may not be prepared for live women’s MMA.
Garry Cook, the UFC VP in charge of UK and European operations, thought the Tate vs Zingano fight wasn’t suited to the Swedish audience because Sweden is a brand new MMA market and an extremely left-wing country.
Alexander Gustafsson has spearheaded the charge in Sweden into what has proven to be an unexpectedly lucrative market for the UFC, but the potential for the national press to dislike or misinterpret a women’s fight was felt to be too high to risk.
Tate will now fight Zingano on Apr. 13 at The Ultimate Fighter 17 finale, in Las Vegas, Nev.
TUF Finales always mark the crowning of a new Ultimate Fighter, but there will be real UFC gold on the line as well at the end of season 17.
UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson will defend his title against John Moraga in the main event, and Tate vs Zingano will serve as the co-main.
Johnson continues to impress as he proves he is a legitimate champ; while Moraga will be looking for his ninth-straight MMA victory.

Miesha Tate – Makes a stop for hot cocoa

UFC star Miesha Tate said on Feb. 2 in a Facebook interview with Long Island MMA Examiner Eric Holden that she made a special stop for hot cocoa to bring joy to some young children near her home.
Tate, a 26-year-old bantamweight, explained that she originally sped past two young boys selling hot cocoa, as she was extremely busy with her daily training regimen and had no time to stop.
“Despite the enthusiastic waving of their hands and homemade signs, I told myself I can’t stop,” Tate said of the encounter. “I just didn’t have time, so I did my errands. Nearly two hours later I passed by again and they were still out there, looking a little less hopeful than before.”

At that point, Tate decided to take a few minutes out of the busy schedule to bring some happiness to children in need.
“I flipped around and pulled over to buy a cup of hot coco – which I don’t really even like – but the look on the little boy’s face was worth a million words,” Tate explained. “He was just beaming as I asked ‘how much?’ He replied ’50 cents!’ So I gave him the three one dollar bills I had on me. I thought he might pop with excitement as i heard him yell to his friend how much they just made, and it was the cutest thing. It really made my day.”

While this simple act of kindness may seem trivial, Tate thinks there is a real lesson to be learned here.
“I stopped when I didn’t have time to got hot coco, which I don’t drink,” Tate said. “The real reward was their joy. Moral of the story is don’t forget to slow down and give back sometimes. You never know when someone might do the same for you when it really matters most.”

Cute story for someone who punches people in the face for a living. Great job, Miesha.

How Much “Mixed” Do You Need in Mixed Martial Arts?

When the concept of Mixed Martial Arts first came to fruition, the word “mixed” did not particularly apply to an individual fighter's skill.

Instead, “mixed” meant that the promoters were bringing expert fighters of different backgrounds together in a mix, to see whose style was the best. It was very clear that Royce Gracie was a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specialist, Pat Smith fought in Tae Kwon Do, Dan Severn was a wrestler, etc. Watching those men do what they trained their entire lives to do could be breathtaking…and if they tried to do anything else, it could be comical (at best), or painful to watch (at worst).

As time evolved, the UFC and other MMA promotions became a means to an end, rather than a way to establish one's individual style or brand name. Martial artists recognized that they needed to develop some skills across disciplines if they wanted to make a career out of being a professional MMA fighter. If you were a stand-up fighter, you'd better learn the basics of defense against takedowns and on the ground in case you couldn't control the distance in the fight against a grappler. And conversely, grapplers needed to learn something about punching, feinting and footwork, or else they may get knocked silly before ever showing how good their ground game was.

But now, as we reach the next generations of the UFC as a business, we are finding competitors who don't even claim a background in one particular style. They wouldn't say they specialize in Muay Thai, Wing Tsun, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Martial arts students, and indeed, entire schools, say they specialize in Mixed Martial Arts.

To me, this is an oxymoron, and one that hurts the sport as a whole. Are we breeding a generation of jacks of many fighting trades, but masters of none?

I am a very firm believer in the “10,000 Hours” principle: if you want to become a master in one particular thing, you have to spend 10,000 hours of focused practice in that topic. No matter if you're learning a musical instrument, computer programming, or martial arts, the time requirement is the same. You can learn something, and may even be proficient in it. But to be an expert, a leader in your field, someone for whom actions are second nature and flawless, there is no substitute for time.

Herein lays my beef with “mixed martial arts” as a discipline: each of the two major branches of martial arts, grappling and striking, requires this amount of focused attention to achieve excellence. If you are dividing your attention across multiple things, you are either losing focus, or just not putting in the necessary amount of time. And that's OK if all you need is to become proficient enough to handle yourself in a self-defense situation. If you want to know how to handle a bully, or protect yourself against an attack, an MMA gym may be a better place to do that than many other stylized martial arts schools.

But when it comes to mixed martial arts competition, I believe the “jack of all trades” approach will lose out to the focused expert nearly every time. They will always have the traditional “puncher's chance”, either as the striker who catches the grappler with one good punch or kick, or the grappler who gets his shot and takedown. But as a striker, the “jack of all trades” is rarely efficient enough with their hands to have one-punch power…their technique isn't efficient enough to generate the force required. As a grappler, they are probably not smooth or quick enough to take advantage of takedown opportunities, or skilled enough to understand what the second option is when the first attempt fails.

When I watched Ronda Rousey defeat Miesha Tate for the Strikeforce Women's title recently, I didn't see her do one thing that isn't taught in a basic Judo or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu curriculum. We watched the match in my BJJ class recently, and even white belts who had only been taking for a couple months needed zero prompting from the master instructor in identifying what Ronda was doing. She came in with a clear game plan constructed from many years of judo competition at the highest levels of the sport. She could rely on what she wanted to do being instinctive, a luxury not provided to someone who is trying to learn multiple disciplines as an “MMA fighter”.

Rousey used three basic judo throws (kosotogake, osotogari, and ogoshi), efficiently getting the same head-and-arm control grip every time, despite the MMA fighter being in range to strike. On the ground, she was rarely in danger against one of the better American female amateur wrestlers, even when Tate took her back. Tate's lack of fundamentals on the ground were surprising for someone nicknamed “Takedown”…from the most advantageous position in submission grappling, she failed to control Rousey's arms, failed to keep her hooks in, and barely got in a position to try for a rear naked choke before Rousey escaped.

When Tate was defending on the ground, she left her top arm easily available for a straight arm bar multiple times, even though she knew ahead of time how Ronda won every match in her career, and what she was looking for this time as well. I have far less experience than Tate, but if I want to prevent my master instructor from getting me in a straight arm bar, I can do so, without too much difficulty. I leave myself open to any number of other submissions while hiding my arm…but shouldn't Tate's game plan have been “anything but the arm bar?”

If she wasn't trying to learn everything at once, would she have had better technique? Why didn't she seem to understand what Rousey was trying to do? Would she have been better off building on her outstanding wrestling instincts by honing the finest details with a world-class judoka or master BJJ instructor than spending time doing “ground-and-pound” with Team Alpha Male? I like to think so.

There are a lot of great athletes and fighters in the sport of mixed martial arts. Most of them spent years focusing on one discipline (wrestling, BJJ and Muay Thai seeming to be the most common for UFC success) before branching out into a well-rounded game. As you think about what direction your training will take…should you consider the same approach? Should you start out as a “jack of all trades”, proficient in multiple styles but not really great at one…or is a traditional specialty the way to go?

Paul Herzog and his son Christopher have been taking judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction at Petushin Martial Arts since the new Rosemount, Minnesota facility opened in 2010. In addition to receiving some of the best grappling instruction in the Midwest, Paul has lost over 35 pounds, and Chris has gained strength and self-confidence. If either of those sounds appealing, please contact the academy at 612-991-9116 or go to to arrange your first visit!

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