Heather Clark vs. Stephanie Eggink Preview

Heather Clark is the more experienced of the two and it shows. Her movements are more confident and fluid. She is adept at takedowns and stand up. Her professional record stands at 5-2 and has two fights under the XFC banner.

Stephanie Eggink still has the look of the boxer making the transition to MMA. I concede that I have only seen some of her amateur fights on Youtube. She is 1-1 and in her last bout she is caught cold by Karla Medeiros who iced her in seven seconds of the first round.

Clark is better than some of the foes that Eggink has lost to. Superior experience and athletic ability will make for a short night here. My take here is that Heather wins this one inside of one round.

Heather Clark

Slated to fight Stephanie Eggink at the December 7th, XFC Show.

Stephanie Eggink

Slated to fight Heather Clark on the December 7th XFC show.

Arely Valente TKO6 Liliana Ordonez

No descriptive news reports of this bout yet but Valente is reported to have stopped Ordonez in the sixth round by boxrec.com
Valente has a twin sister Dorely and now both sisters have defeated Ordonez. Dorely stopped Liliana in the third. If she took three rounds less than perhaps she is the better of the two twins.

Liliana Ordonez…only defeats were to the Valente sisters

Carla Weiss UD6 Marta Juncos

The previously mentioned Carla Weiss did win her fight last night but did not look good in doing so. She is painfully slow and deliberate. Her opponent has suffered over eight losses and she struggles.

Speed and talent trumps hard work and effort. Weiss has the latter but needs the former. Hopefully she gets out of the fight game before someone smashes her pretty face.

Her bout can be seen below.

Carla Weiss


Weiss is 6-1 in her brief pro career.

She has a degree from the University of Cuyo in Art. A renaissance woman, she has interests in writing, wine making and dancing.  With her feminine grace and beauty, she is yet another odd collection to the growing number of female boxers.

Weiss was asked in an online interview the difference between boxing and her college studies.

“To me, boxing is 80 percent physical and the other 20 percent mind, strength, speed, endurance. In the ring I am much more concentration than when I was taking a philosophy test. In the ring, I am much more tired physically and mentally.  Because your body is at risk. If you lose concentration, you knocked out.”

She fights tonight (October 27th) against Alejandra Rios, who is 3-3. The fight takes place in Arena Maipu, Maipu, Argentina.

A video of one of her bouts is below:

Arely Valente vs. Liliana Ordonez

This fight takes place tonight, October 27th, at At Centro De Convenciones, Chetumal, Mexico. Valente is undefeated at 10-0 while Ordonez is 7-1-1. Not much I could find on either of these fighters aside from uploaded Android video on YouTube. I need more to go on than that to make an assessment. From what little I saw of Ordonez, she paws with the jab, uses a lot of lateral movement, than leaps in with wild shots intermittently. I could not find any serviceable video on Valente but she looks mean, lol.


Carolina Duer W10 Marisa Portillo

Duer took a unanimous decision over Portillo over ten rounds. The full fight can be viewed here:

Carolina Duer


Carolina Duer


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