Laila Ali – How she followed in her father’s footsteps

Standing in your fathers footsteps is often a problem in sport, with boxing fighters like Marvis Frazier were unable to match up to their famous father, an act the poor Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is currently on the way to discovering. Though what’s quite uncommon is a daughter following in their fathers footsteps and when you’re the daughter of one of the greatest boxers in history, you have rather large boots to fill in. The was the situation Laila Ali found her self following her jaunt into professional boxing in 1999 aged 21, could she live up to her fathers name? Or would she join the fighters who lived on the name of a by gone generation?
  She is the third child of Muhammad Ali and his third wife Veronica Porsche Ali, born in Miami beach on December 30th 1977, 3 months after Muhammad had beaten Earnie Shavers. Despite being an intelligent lady with a business degree the boxing blood was in her veins and debuted against April Fowler in October of 1999 winning by first round KO. A fight in each of November and December followed, winning bother of them by stoppage as well ending the year 3(3)-0.
  Funnily the following year the daughters of two of her dads rivals also became professional boxers, first it was Jacqui Frazier-Lyde (daughter of Smokin Joe Frazier) in February of 2000 (winning her debut by KO1). Then in July Freeda George Foreman (daughter of George Foreman) made her own debut winning via second round KO. With 5 fights in the year all wins for Ali she was starting to look like she could live up to the example of her father in the ring, after 8 fights it had only been Kendra Lenhart who had managed to take her the distance.
  In her second fight of 2001 Ali and Frazier came together, in what was sold as Ali/Frazier IV (after the three meetings of their father), though peculiarly on 2nd March 2001 they bought fought on the same card to help the build up (both winning by KO). The match was seen as the biggest fight in women’s boxing and pitted the unbeaten daughters of former rivals and former heavyweight champions (and Olympic gold medallists) together. Frazier-Lyde was 7(7KO’s)-0 whilst Ali was 9(8)-0, some ones 0 had to go, much like in the first fight between their fathers (where Frazier was 26-0 and Ali 31-0). This time it was Frazier’s 0 that went with Laila winning a majority decision over 8 rounds.
  A win later and Ali was ready to fight for the IBA middle against Suzette Taylor, this would be the first title that Ali would win via a 2nd round TKO. This was followed by her toughest opponent to date against Valerie Mahfood for a host of titles at the super middleweight division, Mahfood had ended the 5 fight winning spree that Ann Wolfe had had and had long been seen as one of the better female boxers out there. Ali would win this fight via 8th round stoppage to take the titles and become a two weight world champion, a claim her father never had himself.
  A defence against Mary Ann Almager followed before the rematch with Mahfood (TKO 6) and left Ali with a record of 15-0 as she faced Coalminer’s Daughter Christy Martin, who had a record of 45-2-2 and had never been stopped in her 49 previous fights. Though Martin was the small woman, she had put on 15lbs to face Ali, sadly for her though she was still to small and Ali gave her a rather terrible beating stopping her in the 4th round in what would be the only stoppage loss of her career (as of writing, where Martin has a record of 49-5-3).
  After this she beat respectable fighters Nikki Eplion (TKO 3) and Monica Nunez (TKO 9) before stepping up to a third weight to take the light heavyweight title. Though from there on she seemed happy to face rather poor opponents rather than the top contenders, this was never the way her dad had done things and lead to the major complaints of her career. Having missed out on fights with Ann Wolfe, Vonda Ward and unbeaten Natascha Ragosina her overall legacy has been pulled apart in recent years as she seemed to avoid the top rivals out there.
  Her achievements in the ring did end up as 24 (21)-0 and as a 3 weight champion though having only fought Frazier-Lyde and Mahfood near their natural weight and Christy Martin who was stepping up significantly it looks like she failed to really secure the legacy she should have done. It would be fair to say she didn’t really match up to her father who often fought and beat the best available competition.
  Since her last fight in 2007 she has found herself being a mother with Curtis Conway (the former NFL player) and doing a number of TV rolls. Though still only 31 what the future will bring is uncertain though it’s unlikely to be a return to the ring. With her dads health deteriorating rapidly it’s likely the next few years will be divided between her son and her father by which point she will just be Muhammad’s daughter.

Laila Ali vs. Christy Martin – A significant bout?

Boxing is one of the oldest sports that are played throughout the world. It is at the very roots of the American civilization. Men used to fight each other with bare knuckles in bars since the first immigrants came over from Europe. Later these boxing matches were cleaned up a little bit and boxing gloves were introduced. For many years, boxing matches were only performed by men. However about ten years ago women’s boxing started to appear in the mainstream. One of the most famous women’s boxers that blazed a trail for the women of today was Christy Martin.
Christy Martin helped to bring media attention to a sport that was not getting very much coverage until she broke into the ring. She was signed by infamous boxing promoter Don King in the early 1990s, and she made the most of the opportunities he gave her. She mainly fought as an undercard on the Mike Tyson matches, but she often stole the show. She brought much media attention to women’s boxing when she fought Deirdre Gogarty on Showtime in 1996. During this fight she had her nose broken in the early rounds by Gogarty. However she continued to fight hard and won the fight. I remember this fight very well and I gained much respect for Martin during this fight, because even though she took a beating early, she never gave in and ended up winning the fight by a unanimous decision.
This match was a major turning point in women’s boxing, because the entire mainstream sports media now starting covering her fights. Christy continued to fight and win for about ten more years, until she was confronted with a bout with Laila Ali. Laila Ali is famed boxing legend, Muhammad Ali’s daughter. Ali overmatched Martin and knocked her out in the fourth round. After this match the torch was past from Martin to Ali as the woman to lead women’s boxing into the next generation. However we can never forget about Christy Martin’s tremendous contributions that she gave to women’s boxing.
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Laila Ali – Spokeswoman for

Laila Ali, athlete and soon to be mom, is the newest spokeswoman for’s latest campaign initiative getting teens involved in making their schools and their communities healthier. The “Healthy Schools Challenge” calls on teenagers to come up with new and innovative ways to make themselves and the world around them a healthier place. Students are asked to submit their ideas to Teens who participate and provide the top efforts will be rewarded with up to five individual $1,000 scholarships. One school will win a party and the lead student on the project will win a $1,000 scholarship with $1,000 scholarships for up to four friends who participate and help him or her organize the project.
  Ali is a World Champion athlete and long time health advocate who is hoping for healthier food options in schools and better fitness activities. She was very excited to team up with to be a spokeswoman for the public service announcement. “From a very young age, I’ve learned the importance of exercise and giving your body the fuel it needs to stay strong,” explains Laila Ali. “I am excited to be part of a campaign encouraging kids to take control of their own future by tackling this issue where it starts, in our nation’s schools.”
  This challenge was inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama and many others who have been campaigning for the health of our children. Brittany Castaneda of wants to give teens a voice and control over their own health, “With so many young Americans fighting weight issues, this campaign intends to give teens the power to take their health and the health of their schools in their own hands. We believe change will start with giving teens a voice, so we’re launching a challenge to all the young people out there to perform their own school makeover.”
  Do you have a teen or know a teen who wants to give their school a makeover? If so, visit’s “Healthy Schools Challenge” and have them submit an idea. is dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and helping teens take action where and when it is needed. Other campaigns by that have inspired teenagers include Teens for Jeans, Feed the Need, Increase your Green and Battle of the Bands.
  Sources:    “Healthy Schools Challenge” PSA    Metro PR

Laila Ali – Among hottest female athletes?

Female athletes do not often show quite so much skin but they still become the highlight of an entire period due to their talent and natural beauty. Furthermore, when female athletes give births to baby, they no longer give up the career in order to take care of their beloved children. Due to this occurrence, female athletes (like other working moms) always face with work-life balance struggles and working moms guilt to manage their career, beautiful look and happy family. Here are another side of sports-pictures of hottest and favorite female athletes and children.

Summer Sanders, one of hottest Olympic gold medal winners of all time and current UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the United States poses with her daughter Skye and son Robert.

Belgian Kim Clijsters and her daughter Jada are seen after her winning at Women’s Final US Open match at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

Olympic medalist Jessica Mendoza, her husband Adam Burks and son Caleb Mendoza-Burkss are seen together in the field.

Ski racer Sarah Schleper goes on holiday with her endless inspiration son Lasse.

Laila Ali is the mother to Laila calls CJ

United States’ Jennie Finch is carrying her individual plaque for her team’s victory in 2009 World Cup of Softball championship game and holding her son Ace.

The youngest US senior national champion Dominique Moceanu has two children: daughter Carmen Noel Canales and son Vincent Michael Canales.

Professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece shares sweet moment with her daughters Brody Jo and Reece Viola.

American soccer player Mia Hamm and her two daughters Grace Isabella and Ava Caroline in a picnic to Courtesy of the Mia Hamm Foundation in Washington, D.C

Candace Parke, who is mom to daughter Lailaa Nicole Williams, said ‘It’s such a rewarding job seeing my daughter grow up. It really is the best thing that could ever have happened. I love being a mom.’

Does Laila Ali make the list?

Michael Jordan
I would have to be remiss, if I did not state the obvious. MJ is was one of the best, not because he was the most talented, but because he put in a lot of work to build his brand. And this man most often delivered. Even when he did not deliver, you could see the confidence on his face that in the next game that he most certainly would and he always did. If you followed MJ’s career in the least bit, then you know what I mean.
Serena Williams
She hit my number two spot, because this is one bad “Mamma-Jamma!” I tell you! Ms. Williams hit the tennis world with her sister Venus and took control of the court! It was and still is an amazing feat. This woman is now a fashion designer and even though she does not train as hard as she once did. This diva is still at the top of her game in tennis!
Serena, I give you Five Stars. You are A-1, baby!
Muhammad Ali
This man gets my number three spot only because I haven’t followed his career as much as my top two. He could fit in spot one or two. Muhammad Ali was great, because he thought he was great! His thoughts manifest him into a champion fighter. That is so awesome! No wonder his daughter makes my number four spot!
Laila Ali
Minus the arrogance, Laila Ali is daddy’s little girl! This sister, I believe still reigns undefeated! Awesome! She outshines her papa, by having a more conserved attitude and still a beast!
Larry Bird
Why is this man in here? Cause white men can jump! Larry was the delivery man on the Chicago Bulls. He was almost sure to sink a shot from anywhere on the court. Why didn’t this man have shoes? And if he did, why in the heck weren’t they popular?

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