Laila Ali

These days. the top female boxer in the world today, or indeed for all time for that matter would have to be Laila Ali. She is the second youngest of Muhammed Ali’s 9 children, and seemingly has inherited at least a few of his same abilities in the ring also. She commenced boxing only a short while ago and earlier owned and operated a nail bar in California. She has been married twice, her current husband being NFL star Curtis Conway. She carries a great record of 24 fights with 24 wins, and 21 knockouts, and that is much the same KO ratio to the fantastic puncher George foreman, and also better then her fathers was also.
She in addition has inherited significant amounts of her fathers charisma and media personality too, making her not just the best but the most popular also. What started out as hype owing to who her father was has developed into her own career as a the most successful icon that womens boxing has ever seen. She now holds all the major womens titles at her weight and has even defeated the daughters of two other boxing greats in Freeda Foreman and Jackie Frazier-Lyde respectively.
Because of her instant fame and obvious ability she quickly became the most famous and well paid female boxer in the world as well, now commanding fight purses around the $500,000 dollar mark. She isn’t without her critics though and is often portrayed in the media as the best of a bad bunch regarding the level that a lot of women boxing is at. Many also thought before her debut that living in the shadow if her father and being raised surrounded by wealth etc would have meant she lacked the hunger or motivation to become a great fighter also. She has now however soundly proved these people wrong.
She has fought many times on the under cards of Mike Tyson’s fights, and her only real competitor is the simultaneous 4 weight champion Ann Wolfe, though despite efforts from each side this fight has yet to be decided. Leila Ali will take the title as the finest female boxer in the world in my mind simply because she has fought all the top end at her bodyweight, and has yet to be near to even getting defeated. Ann Wolfe however has a single defeat on her track record and less fights as well, putting her in second place in spite of her title success.
Being a woman I was initially very wary about the idea of pummelling and being pummelled by an opponent in a ring until I actually gave it a try. It was shortly after seeing a fight with Leila Ali and it inspired me to give it a try. But first I needed to get me some ladies boxing gloves.

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