Laila Ali – Dancing With The Stars

Laila Ali born and raised in Miami Beach Florida on December 30, 1977. She is the daughter of once the greatest boxer of all times Muhammad Ali and her mother former model Veronica Porsche Ali Anderson. Laila is the second oldest of her nine siblings. When Laila was a child she never participated in no athletic programs at school. Later in life she did become a personal trainer but still she wasn’t into boxing until she saw two female boxers on television and decided that is what she wanted to do. In 1999 she decided that she would give boxing a try. In her very first boxing match she knocked out April Fowler in 31 seconds. Laila standing tall at 5’10 in height with a 70.5 reach she was on her way to being one of the greatest just like her father. There was big talk about Laila squaring off in the ring with former boxer George Foreman daughter Freeda Foreman which that never happen. Laila did get the chance to square off in the ring with former boxer Joe Frazier daughter Jackie Frazier Lyde this match made history they where the first female fighters to be the main event on pay per view. Laila won that fight in the eighth ring by judges decision. Laila was on the move she beat Shirvella Williams in a six round decision, a four round technical knock out with Shadina Pennybaker, after four rounds she knocked out Nikki Eplion, she also knocked out Kristina King in the fourth round. She knocked out Christina Robinson in the fifth round. She defeated Asa Sandell by a way of technical knock out in the fifth round. In the first round of her super middle weight fight she knocked out Gwendolyn O’Neil in just 56 seconds. Laila with a record of 24-0 with 21 knockouts she is on fire in the ring. Laila continues to do big things with her career leaving the boxing for the moment maybe to return or not she is still undefeated holding IBA, WBC,WIBA, IWBF super middle weight champion. Laila who is currently dating former professional football player Curtis Conway and she resides in Los Angeles California. Laila attended Southern California Business School where she earned her business management degree.
  Laila is search a career women she is the owner and operator of a nail salon in California. Laila is the most recognized female boxer in the world. Now that Laila is not boxing she will be testing out her moves. The fourth season of ABC Dancing with the Stars premiering March 19, 2007 on ABC. Laila will be in competition with other stars which competition is nothing new to her but on the dance floor maybe a different out come so be on the look out and let Laila Ali show you her moves on the dance floor that is.

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